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How To Find And Hire A Virtual Professional

Are you interested in hiring your Virtual Professional? That is a great move so you can have someone to help you with your business! So, what should you look for when hiring a Virtual Professional? You don’t know where to start?

Hiring one isn’t as easy as everyone thinks but we have a list below to give you ideas and guide you when choosing your next ROCKSTAR VA!

Know your budget

Conduct research on how much a Virtual Professional costs. But there is no clear answer to that. There are some that start with $5 per hour up to $12 per hour depending on what skills they can offer and years of experience.

Create a job post

You can expect to receive up to 400 job applications for a job post, be prepared, be thorough, be fair and be careful not to lose talent! If you don’t have previous skills here we would recommend using an agency with expertise in remote staffing.

What qualities are you looking for?

During the interview, you can know more about every VAs qualities and abilities. You can ask them a question about a certain scenario and hear them answer on how they will handle the situation. Knowledgeable, skilled, honest, enthusiastic, and easy to train Virtual Professionals are mainly what we are looking for. Also, seek out a compatible personality.

Look for someone who understands your business

Getting a Virtual Professional is not just working on the task. They should understand what they are working on and the business. It is better to get them more involved. This will help them put up a strategy to contribute to the business.

Do a trial run

This will help you see how a certain Virtual Professional does a task. You’ll see and review if they are accurate, intelligent, submit on time, and are a really good fit. Think about your priorities and the skills that you need for a VA. This will help you decide on choosing your VA.

Decide and wrap up

There may be lots of qualified applicants but you have to choose someone that could be your Virtual Professional in your business. Reach out to your hired VA and congratulate them. It is a great way to welcome them and then discuss important matters. Create better communication for a better connection.

Leave it to the experts

Hiring a Virtual Professional can be one of the best decisions a business can make. They significantly increase the productivity of a team because VAs can handle basic tasks, allowing company staff and management to spend more time growing the business.

As remote hiring experts, Addison Consultancy provides only highly-skilled, carefully selected Virtual Professionals for companies' business needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you.

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